“You did it! Thanks to you, we finally have our long-awaited access ramp. Please share our gratitude with everyone at the BC Rehab Foundation for supporting this much-needed project. Here is a photo of the finished product – we’re all very proud of it! Work on the access ramp was completed last month, much to the delight of participants and staff at WISH. For participants with mobility issues getting in and out of the drop in is so much easier, and faster. Many of the folks who come to WISH are homeless, and must bring their belongings with them every where they go. Getting in and out of the drop in is also easier for them because they no longer have to navigate stairs while pulling or carrying luggage or bags. Trynka, thank you again for BC Rehab’s generous grant to WISH. We are deeply grateful for your support and generosity towards the community we serve.”

With gratitude, Jan Hawkins

Development Manager