Congratulations 2023 Gert Vorsteher Winners!

The awards, which are accompanied by a $5,000 bursary, are given annually to individuals who have shown remarkable determination towards pursuing their rehabilitation goals at G.F. Strong Centre and have, in turn, regained their personal independence.

The award program is designed to recognize individuals who have been faced with life-changing injuries and have demonstrated courage and perseverance in regaining their personal independence. Gert Vorsteher lived in Kamloops, BC, where he worked as a carpenter. A 1962 workplace accident left Mr. Vorsteher a paraplegic and he was sent to GF Strong for rehabilitation. Upon his death, Mr. Vorsteher left a financial gift to BC Rehab and requested that the donation be used to fund an annual awards program. To date, $535,000 has been awarded to 107 individuals with disabilities who have demonstrated incredible perseverance and determination in their journey to personal independence.